Door Entry Systems

Technology has made significant improvements over the years so door entry systems now range from a simple key pad to a state of the art digital system for higher security measures. Our door entry range at Spectrum Security means that we can install door entry systems for both commercial and residential properties of all sizes. This could be a block of flats with numerous entrances or a school that has many people entering and leaving the building on a day to day basis. The systems that we install are also able to limit access to certain areas of a premises internally so server rooms with expensive equipment installed to medical supplies that need restricted access. Whatever the purpose our systems can be tailored to fit.

To ensure your home is protected at all times we can install video door entry systems where the camera is fitted into the door panel. Our team also offer simple entry systems that are intercom or voice entry operated or more advanced ones such as Internet Protocol or IP for short which uses an internet connection and can be controlled by your smartphone. Accompanied with some of our high-quality locks you will never have to worry about someone breaking in again.

A card entry system can be the perfect option for multiple users of a commercial building.  Swipe cards can be programmed to the user so if one is lost it can be voided and no longer used. Replacement of cards is also much easier and flexible if more are needed for increasing staff numbers. 

These access systems can also be modular in nature so blocking access to certain areas of a building where needed.  A very cost effective security solution that can be adapted as your needs change.

To allow entry to a home or property through doors or electric gates a speech panel as well as a call button has to be fitted outside the property, which is then linked up to a unit that is fitted on the inside of the property. This doesn’t require any wiring when using a wireless system to connect the two together so there is no disruption to your home or unsightly wires to contend with.

 Not sure what package would be best suited to you? No problem, our team will offer you the best alarm which caters for all your needs. Our team makes sure we offer the whole package, so we advise you on the best alarm for you and you budget, we offer full installation services too! Even if you need part of your system replacing, our team are the one for the job.

CCTV Systems

All our CCTV systems are professionally installed by our trained and qualified team. If you are not sure of the type of system you need we can advise what is available to best fit your requirements and the layout of your property. 


For a superb CCTV system to watch over your property, call the experts at Spectrum Security on 01206 793915 or complete our enquiry form and we will get back to you soon. 

Security Alarms

Looking for a reliable alarm to secure your property? We have a wide range of security alarm systems which protect and secure all kinds of properties both domestic and commercial. 


Our team can advise the type of system would best suit your needs. Call us today on 01206 793915 for professional advice and a free, no obligation quote!