Security Alarms

When a new customer asks us to fit a security alarm to their home or property is it essential that we give them the best selection based upon a number of things. We make sure that the alarm is the best quality within your budget, is suitable based upon the type of property, the location and the level of security required from the alarm. Going through this checklist ensures you are getting the best quality alarm for the best price that will do the job you really need it for, keeping you and your valuables safe.


With the demand for wireless alarm installations rising our team are making it their mission to find the best way to install them causing the least amount of disruption. As the system is wireless there is never the need to uplift flooring or drill holes in walls, making it one of the easiest installations processes; they can also be moved from property to property with no trouble. To add to this, we can install additional sensors without any hassle as the battery powered sensors connect to the security panel.

Are you always forgetting to set your alarm before you leave your home or property? Well worry not as we now offer wireless smart alarms which you can access from anywhere, even abroad! Wireless smart alarms allow your alarm to communicate with you; whether it has been activated accidently or you forgot to set it as you were in a rush, simply get our team to install one of these for you and you will never have to worry again.

Are you aware that having your alarm system regularly monitored is now becoming a more common requirement in some insurance policies? Our team can maintain any alarm you may have, whether that be mitigating defects or highlighting any faults there may be within the system. This will make it easier to make a claim if something were to go wrong but most importantly to reassure our customers that they are safe as houses (pardon the pun!).

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