Keeping Your Home Secure with the Right Locks

One of the most important aspects of home security is having the proper locks installed on your doors and windows. With the wide variety of locking systems available on the market, it can be confusing trying to determine which ones will provide you with the protection and peace of mind you need. Here are some tips on getting the right locking security for your home.

Start at the Front Door
Your front door is the main entry point into your home, so this is where you want maximum security. A good quality deadbolt lock is an absolute must. Opt for one with a minimum 1-inch throw bolt – the part of the lock that extends into the door frame. This will be much harder for a burglar to force open versus a spring latch lock. For extra protection, choose a deadbolt that is pick and drill resistant.

Secure the Windows
Any windows on the ground floor or that provide easy rooftop access need to have secure locking systems. Double-hung windows should have keyed locks that allow you to lock the window in a partially open position for ventilation. Casement or awning windows should have a lock on the moving portion. Avoid cheap thumb-turn locks that can easily be broken. Installing window security films or bars are also good options for ground floor windows.

Don’t Neglect the Garage and Basement
The service doors on attached garages and basements are popular entry points for burglars as they are often poorly secured. A solid core exterior door with a quality deadbolt and reinforced strike plate is a must. And be sure to keep these doors locked at all times.

Ditch the Old Locks
If you’ve just moved into a new home, you have no way of knowing who may have keys to the existing locks. It’s a wise security precaution to re-key or replace all the exterior locks as soon as you move in. This ensures only you and your family will have access.

Smart Tech Locks
In today’s world of smart home technology, you also have some high-tech lock options to choose from. Smart locks allow you to lock and unlock doors remotely using your smartphone. Some even let you assign temporary access codes for guests, dog walkers, or contractors. If integrated with a home security system, the locks can automatically lock whenever the alarm is armed. Sometimes the technology hasn’t reached its potential and as such, if it goes wrong can be a nuisance and costly to gain entry and correct the issue.

With so many effective locking systems on the market, there’s no need to compromise the security of your home. Consult a professional locksmith at Spectrum Security to ensure you are getting the right locks installed properly.

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